Meet Butterscotch,
The #QuiltChat Mascot



* I was born on Sept. 16th, 1996 and on Nov. 25th (her birthday), KATHKWILTS, my Mom, brought me home. I'm a pedigreed Golden Retriever who loves to chase my Mom's legs and I also adore paper in any form. Mom is fond of saying that I 'leak' at the back end, which just means that she doesn't run fast enough to the door to let me out. My older sister, KayLee, who is a 12 year old Lab mix, teaches me all kinds of things about being outside, when I'm not biting her ears and getting her mad.

Butterscotch and Mom

* Mom also says that it's a good thing that I'm so cute because I love to fool around and get her mad. She loves me, though, and thinks I'm the cutest thing in fur. She really likes it when I cuddle up close to her and lick her ear. She doesn't like it when I bite or chew on her shoes, though. Even though she acts like she's mad when I jump up on the bed or the couch for a cuddle, I think she really likes it. Here is another picture of me and my Mom.

*Recently I lost my best pal, Kaylee. Mom and Dad got me a new friend to play with. Click HERE for pics of the new puppy.

* Here are some more pictures of me. Aren't I just adorable?