Tote Tub Foot Storage Stool

by Sunshine

Materials needed:

bullet1 38 gallon Sterilite storage tub. (Sterilite works best)
bulletSewing Supplies- ruler, scissors, pins marking pen, glue for adhering foam to tub cover. Spray glue works well.
bulletSewing machine with zipper foot, regular sewing foot, ruffler attachment helps.
bullet2 to 2and 1/2 yards of decorator fabric. These are wide fabrics. Depending on if you want to match fabric the extra 1/2 yard is best.
bullet1 yard of very thick batting. This is thick batting not for quilting but for padding top of foot stool.
bullet2" thick dense foam cut the size of the lid of your tote.
bullet1" thick foam cut to fit the size of the top indent of the lid of the tote.
bullet4 yards of piping cord. Buy the smaller cording as it is easier to work with. I prefer a contrasting color which is in the print of the fabric of the main fabric.


  1. Glue your 1" foam to the top of your indentation on the tote cover. Glue the 2" thick foam on top of this. Your 2" thick foam will completely go to the edges of your tote top.
  2. From the fabric cut a piece the size of the tub lid plus 3/4" extra all around. This will be your foot stool top.
  3. Cut a strip of fabric 4-1/2" wide by 70" long. Cut this from along the selvage edge but not including the salvage.
  4. From the main fabric cut one strip the full width of the fabric x 13". Cut two strips 36"x13".
  5. Sew the three strips together to make one long strip. If using 2 yards of fabric rather than 2-1/2 yards, cut 4 strips.
  6. Baste piping to top edge of fabric you have cut for the top of the stool. With zipper foot sew piping again, as close to the cord as you can get. When you get to the end slightly turn piping down in a curve and stitch down and clip off the extra.
  7. Sew band of your long strip that is 4-1/2" wide to the piped fabric that will be your stool top.
  8. Sew piping on the bottom edge of your 4-1/2" strip that is also attached to the stool top.
  9. Ruffle your skirting piece using a ruffler attachment or by hand. I prefer the ruffler done in the tucking mode for neat even ruffles. You'll need 132" for skirt .
  10. Sew the skirt band to the band strip with footstool top. Allow for a turn of the raw edge before cutting off extra skirting.
  11. Slip the skirted footstool covering on your tote and hem last.

Good job! You now have a pretty footstool with storage.

Please email with any questions.

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