Sew & Go Bag!

by DeniseE

*Have you ever been in a hands on sewing class with very little space on either side of your machine for all the necessary notions needed? This may solve the problem. The organizer is used by placing your sewing machine on the quilted fabric allowing the pockets to hang down for easy access to sewing notions in front of you.

You will need the following:

bullet1/2 yard quilted fabric
bullet1/4 yard fusible interfacing
bullet1/2 yard coordinating print or solid for pocket and 5/8 yd for a one way design fabric 5/8 yard for a one-way design fabric
bullet1/4 yard medium weight clear plastic
bullet3 yards extra wide double fold bias tape
bulletmatching thread

Cut as Follows:

bullet1 quilted fabric - 17-1/2" x 21"
bullet1 lining fabric - 17-1/2" x 21 "
bullet1 lining fabric - 17-1/2" x 14"
bullet1 interfacing - 17-1/2" x 14' Pocket I
bullet1 plastic - 171/2" x 6" Pocket 2


bulletPlace wrong side of quilted fabric to wrong side of lining fabric. Pin or baste around edges. If desired stitch diagonal lines approximately 21/2" apart to hold layers together.
bulletFuse interfacing to wrong side of pocket.
bulletFold in half lengthwise. Encase long fold edge with bias tape.
bulletEncase one long edge of plastic for pocket 2 with bias tape.
bulletPlace pocket 2 over pocket I with raw edges together. Mark vertical lines to form sections for sewing notions.
bulletStitch through both pockets beginning at bias tape edge, backstitch for security. The following is a suggested guide for sections:
bullet6 - 1-1/4" space for pencils, ripper, hem gauge, marking pens and small scissors.
bullet1 - 10" space for thread - pin cushion, bobbins, etc. (It is helpful to cut a piece of paper the size of pocket 2 and lay out the sewing notions you like to use. Mark spaces as needed.)

Please email with any questions.

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